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Proudly providing gentle and compassionate doula services to expectant mothers and families in the Greater Nashville area.

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Tender care for your birthing experience

Mother Earth Doula provides mothers-to-be and families in the greater Nashville area with highly personalized support during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Helping Hands

You will be provided with the highest levels of personal attention, loving care and compassion possible.

Positive Atmosphere

You will be secured in an environment of positivity, understanding and encouragement every step of the way.

Always By Your Side

You will never be alone or left to fend for yourself even for a moment during the birth of your little one.

Your Experience

Your choices and decisions before, during and after birth are yours to make and will be treated with the highest amount of respect. This is a sacred, personal experience and unless you specifically ask for direction, your birth wishes will be followed as precisely as possible.

Gentle Guidance

Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful blessings that will be remembered for the rest of your life. During this time, you will receive evidence-based guidance and care that will foster a positive, relaxing and comfortable birthing experience.

Pre-labor Support

Before your labor we will plan, prioritize and fine-tune your ideal birth experience.

Customized Care

We will chart and document your birth wishes and decide how you envision your preferred labor to unfold.

Labor Assistance

We will be a source of positive support and guidance during your the birth of your little one.

Post-labor Support

After labor, we will schedule a three hour in-home visit to offer assistance, guidance and continued support for your family.

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