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What is a doula?

A doula is a caregiver who provides assistance to the mother during, before and after labor. This type of support system provides physical and emotional benefits to aid in the health and wellbeing for the mother and baby.

Doulas do not replace the husband's emotional bond and love for the mother, but rather exist to enhance the birth experience and provide the necessary stress-relief during this exciting and delicate time. The essential role of the doula is to provide for the expectant mother's needs and to provide a level of comfort and reassurance that leads to a successful birthing experience.

What will my doula do for me?

The main role of the doula is to provide support that is otherwise missing from the labor experience. This can sometimes be a difficult concept to grasp for new mothers. 'Why can’t my husband or partner be this type of support system for me?', you may ask. The answer is fairly simple; the partner should not be the sole person the mother relies on through this demanding time. The partner's focus should be on giving direct love to their significant other without fear of doing something wrong or not being able to provide the type of assistance that is needed, which may potentially result in stress for all parties involved.

This is why the doula is an integral part of any successful birthing experience; they provide the necessary support for the mother during labor and emotional support during the pregnancy. The doula enhances the labor experience and allows the partner or other family members to be there for the mother emotionally while she is laboring.

Do I need a doula?

A doula is an important and beneficial resource to have for any type of labor. This includes C-sections, natural at the hospital, home births, inductions, epidurals, etc. This type of support is universal; something that every mother deserves for the most precious moment in her life - giving birth to her baby! Doulas give expectant mothers direct support and keep the positivity radiating. I recommend a doula to everyone who plans on giving birth!

How much does a doula cost?

We provide plans for all income levels. Supporting all families and mothers-to-be is our primary purpose, and in that mindset we can customize your needs with our services. Our typical rates for basic doula services range from $500 - $700.

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