Comprehensive Care

Personalized Support Designed to Meet your Needs

We offer an array of services and support before, during and after the birth of your little one. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Pre-Labor Support

We will initiate the process with a consultation by phone. From there we conduct two to four in-home visits well before your expected due date to familiarize ourselves with your birth wishes and how you envision your experience to unfold. Your customized birth plan will then be charted and finalized.

Unlimited Care

From 37 weeks and onward you will receive 24/7 call & text support (unless needed or requested earlier). Immediately before and during the entirety of your labor, you will receive unlimited support, guidance, encouragement and compassion to help you through labor.

Post-partum Assistance

After birth, you will receive an in-home three-hour post-partum visit to ensure you and your little one are doing as well as possible. If desired, we can also provide lactation advice and guidance.


We want to make your pre-labor, labor and post-partum experiences as stress free and enjoyable as possible. You are free to customize your doula services as needed to fit your specific birth plans.

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